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Anisha Thomas
Anisha Thomas

Hello! Thank you for visiting my website. My name is Anisha Thomas. I’m an Australian composer, music producer and pianist and have been creating music since a young age. I completed my Bachelor of Music (Composition) degree with Honours at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, under the guidance of internationally renowned composer and saxophonist Sandy Evans, and distinguished Australian composer Matthew Hindson.


Despite my classical music background, I strive to be versatile and work with a variety of styles. I’ve had the pleasure of also working a variety of artists from different backgrounds, such as filmmakers, dancers, choreographers, visual artists and writers. I have also had the privilege of working with acclaimed ensembles such as the Australian Art Orchestra in 2015. My music has been featured at acclaimed venues such as the Sydney Opera House as well as various international festivals and professional productions around Australia.


As a screen composer, I continue to score for various productions in different genres. In 2016, I received recognition with a professional membership from the Australian Guild of Screen Composers. I am also a proud member of the Women in Film and Television NSW Organisation. Some of my screen credits include scoring for the award-winning film Curated Illusions, as well as a variety of other short films, documentaries, a television series and a feature film. I'm scheduled to be composing another international TV series in late 2018 and another Australian feature film in early 2019.


I am also the proud owner and director of my own sound and music production company, Sound-how. I have the pleasure of leading a diverse team of composers and sound designers. Sound-how not only provides great sound and music for various on and off-screen projects, but also prides itself on being a social enterprise, as part of our funds go towards causes helping underrepresented groups and communities. We want our activities at Sound-how to reflect better change.  For more information please visit the website.


As a COMPOSER I have worked with a variety of different musical genres and artists and productions off and on-screen. I take great initiative to be versatile


As a PRODUCER, I have worked and collaborated with a variety of different musicians and vocalists, and continue to pursue my solo projects.


As a PIANIST, I have performed in acclaimed venues such as the opera house, as well as national festivals around Australia.


For a quote regarding my services, or even if you'd like to just say hello, please feel free to get in touch. Would love to hear from you.



Throughout my musical journey, I have been privileged the wonderful opportunity of being part of various projects. As a result I have worked with a variety of different genres, and continually strive to be diverse, versatile and eclectic within my music style. I feel there is a great importance in doing so, in order to be able to provide the most effective music suited for the project.






I find screen composing to be greatly rewarding. To create a soundtrack that enhances the story and its many elements presented on-screen, is a challenge.


The marriage between visual and sound is something so beautiful in itself and to be a part of it, is an extraordinary feeling. 

Selected Works:

Curated Illusions - Director: Rachael Belle Myers
The Taint - Director: Tessa Muskett, Chris Dunstan
A Girl Alone - Director: Tessa Muskett
Prey - Director:  Joseph Guinto


SHOWREEL 2015-16

Selected Works:

World Peace and a Pony - Director: West
Jimbra - Director: Jason Ide, Writer: Suzanne Rath
Coyotes - Director: Sinan Cevik
Transcending Gender - Director:  Alex Yujin




Music Written by Anisha Thomas for YouMove Dance Company.

Dancer: Imogen Cranna

Choreographer: Cloe Fournier 


"Selves" Performed by Imogen Cranna. Choreographed by Cloe Fournier. Composer: Anisha Thomas. Artistic Direction: Kay Armstrong. Stage Manager: Tracey Parker. Lighting/Tech: Jarrad Salmon Video produced by Dom Blake.




COMPOSER    Curated Illusions (Directed By Rachael Belle Myers


Curated Illusions (Directed By Rachael Belle Myers

PIANIST   Partnership with La Voce Music


Partnership with La Voce Music

MUSIC PRODUCER   Solo and Collaborative Projects


Solo and Collaborative Projects

Selected Screen Credits

My Friend Has a Giant Golden Clitoris (2018)

Genre: Documentary

Director: Julia Landrey


Prey (2018)

Genre: Drama, Short film

Director: Joseph Guinto


The Bench Series (2017)

Genre: TV series

Created by Tim Fox & Justina Ward

Produced by The Hub Studio


Curated Illusions (2017)

Genre: Drama, Short Film

Director: Rachael Belle Myers


The Taint (2017)

Genre: Psychological Thriller, Short Film

Directors: Tessa Muskett & Chris Dunstan


Vegan is a Dirty Word (2017)

Genre: Documentary

Director: Marie Butler-Cole


A Girl Alone (2017)

Genre: Drama, Short Film

Director: Tessa Muskett


Valencia (2017)

Genre: Short Art Film.

Director: Chris Paraskevas


Jimbra (2016)

Genre: Drama, Short film

Director: Jason Ide


Coyotes (2016)

Genre: Drama, Short film

Director: Sinan Cevik


Transcending Gender (2016)

Genre: Documentary

Director: Alex Yujin 


World Peace and a Pony (2015)

Genre: Comedy, Feature Film

Director: West


At Home with the Snarks (2015)

Genre: Comedy, Short film

Director: Suzanne Rath








Composer: Commissioned solo flute work for Australian flautist, Karen Anson.



Composer: Music for podcast, written by Suzanne Rath. 



Creative Forum – ‘I heart my body’ (Celebrating International Women’s Day)

Composer: Supported by the Fairfield City Council with the Social Change through Creativity Grant program. Composed music for dance production of women in the local community.



Bangarra Dance Theatre

Composer & Performer: ‘Naayika’ – Collaboration with Dancer Aruna Ghandi.


Parramatta Lanes Festival

Composer & Performer: ‘Naayika’ – Collaboration with Dancer Aruna Ghandi.


Australian Art Orchestra Residency

Composer & Performer: Collaborated, performed and composed with international artists from India and Australia



Sydney Popcorn Festival

Composer & Performer: Performed and composed for local cultural festival.


2013 & 2014


Sound Artist/Composer/Performer:

Sound Installation 'Kundalikrta' exhibited. Also performed and composed for international cultural festival.




Sound Artist/Composer:

Sound Installation 'Kundalikrta' exhibited.





Wrote music for You Move Company’s dance production



Premier of Emerging Composers


'Rasa Lila' - Original Work for Flute Ensemble premiered at the Opera House.






Anisha is an outstanding young composer with an original voice in acoustic and electro-acoustic music. Her music is wonderfully direct, touching the deepest core of human expression. Anisha is not afraid to take risks, guided by an innate musicality that ensures that her music is fresh and satisfying.

— Sandy Evans OAM, Internationally Renowned Saxophonist and Composer.
Anisha Thomas is a talented film composer and a consummate industry professional. I had the pleasure of working with her on ‘The Taint’, a short film I directed for my Masters in Media Arts and Production at UTS. Anisha brought great skill and sensitivity to the project, delivering a beautiful score that worked to heighten the suspense needed for the film, contributing to its success as a psychological thriller. She easily met all deadlines and was open to making any adjustments required. I would strongly recommend her to anyone needing a music professional for their film or TV project.
— Tessa Muskett, Director, 'The Taint'
Thank you Anisha for your creative work. Your understanding of music composition has benefited the work. Looking forward to working with you again.
— Sinan Cevik, Writer & Director, Coyotes.
Anisha Thomas is a very talented and dedicated composer and performer. I have worked with her on my dance projects and we had a great working relationship, most importantly we enjoyed creating and performing together! She understands and appreciates the nuances of composing music for dance, especially in the context of a cross-cultural project. She brings in immense value and is highly focussed and committed to making any of the projects she undertakes a success. Strongly recommend her if you’re looking for some great music.
— Aruna Gandhi, Dancer, Choreographer & Educator (www.arunagandhi.com)
Anisha has worked for me as a composer for a short film produced last year. She is professional to work with, prompt with delivering on tasks required of her, but most importantly an extremely talented musician. I consider myself extremely lucky to have her music as part of my project, and hope to have her on board again in the future.
— Alex Yujin, Writer, Director & Journalist, 'Transcending Gender'.


Anisha Thomas


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