Curated Illusions (Short Film)

When screenwriter, director and producer Rachael Belle Myers, the brains behind Jaded Belle Productions screenwriter, director asked me to come on board as the composer for her short film ‘Currated Illusions’, she needed a score to communicate the drama behind her beautifully crafted yet powerful and impactful story. I enjoyed writing the score, which required me to compose for a variety of different instrumentations, performing media and adapt numerous stylistic qualities. Working with Rachael was indeed a very rewarding experience – a true talent of her time.

Anisha Thomas was the composer I never knew I needed. With a deadline looming, Anisha joined the team to compose the music score for a short film that required a dramatic musical piece to complement it. She dived into the project with great enthusiasm and plenty of ideas despite the short notice and small period to start and finish it. Anisha took direction very well and was extremely patient and kind when I needed to experiment with the sound. It was an absolute pleasure working with her and the final score is the most beautiful and dramatic piece that I could have asked for. I highly recommend Anisha Thomas and I personally cannot wait to work with her again.
— Rachael Belle Myers. Screenwriter, Director and Producer: Curated Illusions. (