Beginnings and Exciting Things

Hello Everyone! Welcome to my very first blog for the new year! There is a lot ahead in 2018.

There is a lot to look forward to as well! I have recently started up my very own sound and music production company, ‘Sound-how’. We have some great composers and sound designers on board, with a lot of exciting projects ahead of us. More to come on that!

It has been a profound year within the entertainment and media industry. With the well-deserved disgracing of Harvey Weinstein and many others, there has been a growing need and understanding for the intolerance of unacceptable workplace sexual harassment behaviours.  The immensity of the  #metoo campaign played its part, in bringing this awareness. Like many other of my female colleagues and peers I also have a #metoo story as well, but the reason I bring this forward is with the hope that we can altogether, gender aside, acknowledge the importance for equality and respect and continue to work towards it!

I’d like to perceive 2018 as a year where we can all grow and progress together. We should speak up about changes that need to be made and simultaneously respect other people’s ideas and perspectives. By making opportunity possible in the first place, we are providing a platform for which the unheard can be heard, the struggling can struggle less as well as providing greater accessibility to support – a very underrated concept and an even more subsided action.

Looking back, 2017 was a big year. I worked on a variety of different on-screen and off-screen projects, one being a very special film ‘Curated Illusions’ which was the recipient various awards and accolades. The director and writer Rachael Belle Myers has worked extremely hard and still continues to do so. It was an honor to compose for such a fantastic film with very compelling and powerful message.

In my final words for this month, I leave you with the link below to the recently released film ‘Curated Illusions’. I hope you will take the time to watch this film and remember the very important message behind it – especially when you are on the road and behind the wheel!

Anisha xoxo

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